Interazione spazio-donna 1

olio su tela

80 x 80 cm

Interazione spazio-donna 2

olio su tela

50 x 70 cm

Interazione spazio-donna 3

olio su tela

80 x 80 cm

Property of the artist

The body outside the body

The work of Renata Olivotti expresses the intense experience and

obsession with searching through meanders. It reflects the frantic study

of someone who consider learning as the source of life, as life, which

without water is not possible. Renata studies the body, the female one in

particular, because it contains all the dimensions, those visible as well as

the hidden ones.

The body is a matter to be portrayed and investigated, to be thoroughly

known in all its folds and facets.

The body becomes a comparison and study of the history of the body

itself, expressed through representation that have characterized the

history of art. Renata prefers to focus on the Egyptian pictorial arts and

on that mysterious and apparently involute period, which starts from the

cancellation of the memory of the concept of ‘classic’, handed down from

Rome to the magic of the Italian painter Cimabue. Two-dimensionality is

a tool of narration where everything is on a representational plane and

where the sense of depth depends on overlapping materials, rather than

chiaroscuro or a perspective deception on the eye by convergence of lines.

The study of the soul and the emotional sphere allows the body to emerge

and communicate.

The soul amplifies the size of the body until it is no longer contained.

The body renounces its own materiality and expands into a continuous

stream of primary elements.

The compositions become pulsations, so that when you put several

paintings in succession, you have the sensation of seeing rhythm and

blood flow. In the phases between compression and depression, the body

recomposes itself in the surrounding space and then disappears visibly in

the next painting.

This flow is ambiguous: freezing it in neutral space reveals the overlapping

material which indicates the depth, deceiving the mental dimensions of

this new generating matter.

Renata observes the glitter of each card and the infinity of possible

combinations are linked to a single DNA. Even when it seems to disappear

completely, the matrix remains intact of the body and its characteristics.

Each laid element, modified color or essence, generates a rhythm that is

sometimes more audible than visible, so much so that the mixture of the

internal elements and the comparison between several works generates

the sensation of a composition, where the notes / color are codified and

the instruments / form is the construction of a complex melody that

cannot be excluded.

It is a pulsating evolution of the breaking apart and reconstruction of the

body and of the emotions it hosts and modifies, a constant and delicate

research on the migration of the senses and of the thought, on the nature

of feelings and what remains of what or who surrounds us.

A feminine dedication that is dear to the most intimate nature of the



Renata ha iniziato con il realismo per poi evolvere progressivamente

verso l’astrazione.

Ha esposto a Buenos Aires, Roma, Barcellona, Perugia, Fratta di

Portogruaro, Fratta Polesine ed ha partecipato a svariate mostre

ed ex-tempore nel bellunese, ha inoltre partecipato a concorsi

ottenendo premi e svariati riconoscimenti .