The poetics of this ironic, disenchanting and spiritual artist – symbolizing

impossible scenes as well as a play upon words and meanings – wishes

to strike and to seize attention, in order to astonish and in this way to

deepen our knowledge of distorted messages, of conditionings, of false

myths which we come across incessantly every day. The message of

– ROSA ROSAE (PECUNIA NON OLET) – is apocalyptic, synaptic,

emphatic, declaratory, or rather a warning and at the same time a

rebellion against the human nature and against the weak nature of his

mind. Nevertheless, the artistic expression must maintain its originality

and its independence in spite of its of Art engagé characteristics. As

sharply observed by the famous and studious art critic, Edgar Wind

(1900-1971), in his lecture titled “Participation aesthetics”: from this

twofold root – participation and fiction – art draws its power either by

extending our vision, transferring us beyond immediate reality or by

deepening our experience through our participation. In the works of

art of Parisi there is much fantasy, much irony, much imagination and

sometimes the untold, the not shown or the only hinted desire that wishes

to play a major role in the real work just to stimulate more and more our

participation and to render rapid, almost like lightning, our experience

– Next shower’d into my fantasy a shape – Dante, Purgatory XVII, 25.

The artist goads us into keeping our awareness alert and indicates a path

to us through photos and performances which help us to go beyond, to

overstep the common sense of things and the messages that surround us.

The danger today is in the continuous and insidious auditory and visual

stress, disinformation, deviated propaganda, historical revisionism, in

trashy television programmes and advertising spots. Is there anything

else other than State’s religion?, fanaticism?, wars?, imperialism?, and

consumerism? Yes, there is mankind, its spirituality and its intimacy with

its truth and conquests.



Paolo Lorenzo Parisi (1956) lives and works in Genoa.

Always interested in painting of the masters of ‘900, Parisi begins

as a self-taught and participates in various collective exhibitions.

In the nineties, he creates his first conceptual works. The critic and

poet Giuseppe Mortara introduced him to the writer and artist

Milena Milani, who had invited him in various group and personal

exhibitions. His friendship with Rosa Leonardi and the architect

Bruna Soinas was important to him. The gallery “Il cancello” presents

him in personal and collective exhibition. Gallery “Passo blu”

presents him to Genoa, Milan, Barcelona. After a group exhibition in

the United States in Las Vegas he begins a relationship with “Galleria

44” which exhibits his works several times in Switzerland (Lissach,

Langenthal, Zug).

He has exhibited his installation “Contemporary cakes” in Genoa,

London, Venice and Switzerland and at the Diocesan Museum in


His works are exhibited in several Italian cities from the gallery

“Immagine e colore e Divulgarti. In recent years the “Galleria 44” of

Genoa and “Silbernagl Undergallery” in Milan hold permanently his

work. In 2014 Parisi was at the “Biennale China Italy”.

That year he was invited by in the museum Sciarborasca (Genoa-

Cogoleto), for a solo exhibition in the “Day of Remembrance 2015”

during which he created the installation / performance “dziekuie”.

“Biennale Arte delle Dolomiti” – 2016 ex CASERMA a Monte Rite,

Cibiana di Cadore (BELLUNO – ITALY)

“Fratture composte 1997 – 2017” – Silbernagl Undergallery

Daverio (VARESE – ITALY).

He was also invited by the City of Comago (Varese) in the church of

San Rocco for the exhibition “The Dark Side” and he’s been invited

to the event “Cross the Skull” of “Gallery Undergallery” in Milan.

His works are auctioned (Wannenes) and are present in public and

private collections in Italy and abroad.