Encaustic on canvas

130 x100 cm

Light V Garden of Peace

Encaustic on canvas

170 x140 cm

Light VIII Garden of War

Encaustic on canvas

140 x180 cm

Property of the artist

Unable to see nature’ supernatural beauty and light our demons dominate

the light of the day.

Can we not be friends with these guardians of mythic places?

Can we not be friends with these guardians of the unconscious? Do we

always transform gardens of peace with gardens of war? As expelled from

paradise and so as to preve


She was born in Athens. She was taught painting by Giannis

Tsarouchis. She studied architecture in the Aristotelian University

of Thessaloniki.

In Athens she worked as collaborator in big architectural offices.

From 1998 to 1993 she studied painting at the Superior Faculty

of Good Arts. Her diplomatic essay was presented in a special

exhibition at the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The drawings of her

work were presented also in Athens, in the historical room of art

“Ora”, in 1997, in the frame of presentation of new authors.

Then, she presented a new collection of landscapes inspired from

harbours and industrial landscapes with oil paintings and water

colours in the room of art “Astrolabe”.

She worked as collaborator in internationally known Greek company

of decoration of cruise ships.

The search of her personal style, led to a series of work with complex

subjects. In this units dominate the person and the interpersonal

relations. She draws from the modern daily life and the Greek

art as it is presented over the time with the unique and unlimited

psychological refinements and symbolisms.

Certain of her precocious work were presented in the room of art of

Stavros Michalaria in Malakasa.

The completed presentation of this unit of work was realized in the

known room of art “Titanium” Giagiannos, in 2007, entitled “Statues’


Since then the painter works systematically in works of also wide

subjects with ‘encaustic’ in paintings of medium and big dimensions.